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Our cloud is powered by awesome hardware, some of the leading in the industry. It was custom built from the ground up for pros just like you. Have a look below to find out more about our hosting infrastructure.

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    Powerful CPUs

    Intel is the leader in technology when it comes to server CPU's. In each of the nodes in our cloud we utilize E5 series or better CPU's for robust and speedy access times to websites or any other service you plan on hosting in our cloud.

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    Solid State Drives

    When it comes to our cloud, we use solid state drive caching technology on top of conventional rotating disk drives so we can offer the speed you expect with virtually no limits to hosting storage space. Our SSD's are blazing fast!

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    Gigabit Network

    The network infrastructure we own, for our cloud services, is powered by high end NetGear datacenter class equipment. Every server in our network has gigabit connectivity with awesome speeds to anywhere on the globe.

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